"Like listening to planets rotate, Ara Hernandez's newest is a creeping slipstream awash in ambient drone, as well as a sister release to December's Vessel.” (Greg Stitt,  Austin Chronicle)

“Void. No matter how far you fall or how deep you go in, there’s no end—down or above, left or right. Of course… such a realm is no stranger; it surrounds us, follows us at all times. When you remove all the layers, it’s there: the primordial foundation on top of which everything rests. You, floating in the dark, immersed in the sublime density of nothing.” (Jinhyung Kim, Dancing about Architecture)

“Following what she describes as an ‘eternity of not being able to write and record,’ Austin ambient artist hojascirculares has returned with this alluringly haunted elegy, piloting an eight-minute journey into the underworld that features both ethereal textures and scratchy patches of distortion.” (Shawn Reynaldo, First Floor)

“In eight minutes, the cloudless night becomes an ancient void. Stretched electronics amass in layers, combing through every inch of sky to find the last remnants of oxygenated air. Disembodied vocals channel energy from the other side. Wings spread but are consumed before liftoff as the horizon disappears into a scrawl of viscous nothingness. Searing feedback pierces through the death rattles like a last-ditch plan to ward off unwanted spirits, but the darkness always wins in the end.” (Brad Rose, Foxy Digitalis)

“There’s a ghostly, gauziness to the song, something which shares an uncanny alignment with its overall sense of dissociation, of feeling somehow unreal... But the song isn’t a simple descent into inky anxiety, it offers a sense of reprieve and respite too.” (Jon Doyle, Various Small Flames)

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